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The Badaev House

There is a famous distinctive building at the intersection of Vosstania and Zhukovskogo street, designed by Russian architect Vasiliy Kosyakov and built in early 1900's on behalf of Panteleymon Badaev, an honorary citizen of Saint-Petersburg. It is also known as The House of The Angel among the locals. It's name was derived from the bas-relief sculpture on the top of the building which represents a protecting angel.
The building became an absolute gem of the Russian Art Nouveau style; it was awarded with a silver medal at the City Facade Competition and a gold medal at the International Exposition in Paris in 1907.

The asymmetrical design of the building can be seen with naked eye: it's right wing is much more modest and significantly shorter than the left one. The corner is rounded off and contains a majestic gable with a winged women. The locals believe the angel protects the house.
The Badaev House is one of the first majolica decorated building in St.Petersburg. It's exterior is adorned with floral tile panels, bas-relief sculptures and design accents. The tile friezes and mosaic panels particulary emphasize the main hall while the stairways are enclosed in handicraft wrought-iron gratings.
During the siege of Leningrad the building was partly destroyed by the massive bombing. Reconstructed in the begining of 50's, it was given for communal apartments due to after-war housing shortages.
Many years have passed...
  •  The Badaev House was recognized as one of the city cultural heritage in 2009, following which the major construction works have been initiated and were completed in 2014. In May 2014 AKYAN St.Petersburg Hotel opened its doors to Guests of the city. The history of the building inspires and attracts visitors who come from different cities of Russia and from all over the world. The romantic atmosphere of the hotel, its interiors and decorations delight visitors!


Today the House of the Angel is recognized as one of the finest examples of Art Nouveau style in St.Petersburg!
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